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As I may have mentioned here, New York was walloped with a blizzard snuggled nicely between Christmas and New Year’s last week. And since that busy day filled with slanting iced rain and toe tingling temperatures, there has been much speculation and accusation and finger pointing taking place as to whether the city or its keepers kept up to pace with the snow clearance. Oh, you should hear the “it wasn’t me!” taking place on a daily basis.

But really? Truly? I don’t think many of us care, considering the “issue” of all of that snow allowed scenes like this to take place ALL OVER THE CITY:

So now answer me this. Does she look like her next move is to race to City Hall to voice her complaint that those stupid street sweepers left a ginormous pile of snow on Broome Street that she JUST HAD to run to the top of and jump off (repeatedly)?

I don’t think so. In fact, she looks lighter than air.

Don’t you just love snow?

(Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist)

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