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With the winds of fall slowly starting to blow through the streets of the city, cooling us down and slowing our stroll to finally take in the days, I think it is time for a refresh at home as we begin a new season. Maybe it is the fact that school starts in the fall… or that The National Holiday is just around the corner… but I always feel as though fall is a beginning of something magical instead of the closing of another year. This week was a flurry with some incredibly sad lows but also refreshing fits of laughter that left me breathless. The overall theme of today is that it is Friday and I am looking forward to a couple of days at home where I might add some new throw pillows to the couch, light a pumpkin spice candle and spend time with friends at a leisurely brunch.

{This Ruth Portrait Pillow by Leslie Oschmann for Swam at Anthropologie might be just the added panache my living room needs. Screenprinted by hand on a canvas cushion, the image is sourced from a vintage painting complete with the character’s back story detailed on the back. Of course I am going to love it considering it combines interior design, eccentricity and writing. Love.}

{Now if I could only tile my walls and ceiling… it would be a conversation piece, to be sure. But then there is the issue with my super… I have a feeling he would not be impressed with my passion for design once we relinquish the keys to our apartment down the road. But still, a girl can dream. Image courtesy of Annie}

{These beautiful new designs by the Scarfshop are stunning. The COLORBLOCKS collection are inspired by modernist color blocked paintings from the 50s and 60s and made of silk/cotton. Fashion is all about proper accessories, and I believe one of these original pieces of art would be the perfect addition to a fall wardrobe.}

{And then there is my annual Welcoming of Fall tradition of eating an entire bag of candy corn. Then I find myself feeling terribly ill, and I don’t need any more until the next year. This year was a little different though. I must have paced myself too well, because I already purchased my second bag… a first for me! These poor guys didn’t stand a chance.}

Happy Friday and Happy Fall, my lovelies! I hope you have fabulous plans set out for this weekend! xo



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  1. Sherry Luhring says

    Alas…we are all standing by and awaiting the National Holiday!! You are a goof! (spoken in love of course)

  2. Paula says

    Just before Halloween, incase we might have trick or treaters (never do in our rural area)…I buy and eat a whole bag of little snickers or milky ways…… it is a once a year…tradition…for years!

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