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Grey's Party-001

My sweet baby Grey Bird turned 1 in June. He has been in our lives (outside of the womb at least) for an entire year. And yet there are days I still have to remind myself that this is my life now. Because how could it be that I have a child? Did that really happen? Am I old enough to have a kid? (Technically, yes.) Am I mature enough to have a son? (Probably not.) But somehow it has happened that we not only survived having a baby, moving across the country, starting new jobs, purchasing a home, moving again, and figuring out what the hell we are doing as parents… But it has happened that we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to have the best little boy I have ever met. I am forever a mother. He is forever my son.

Grey, you are our little bird. Our wild, fearless, joyful baby boy. Our hearts are full. Even when you scream in our faces because you don’t want your teeth brushed.

And so the party was a success considering our Little is only one and thus had absolutely no idea what was going on. Or why. That is why we decided to host a party for our families that included good food and great drinks – minus the grating themes and annoying games that will most likely be our party future once Grey has an opinion to offer. Although I did make the classic hostessing mistake of downing too many glasses of wine on an empty stomach while socializing. Thank goodness for hefty pulled pork sliders to fill in the gap!

photo (7)

My incredibly talented sister and mom camped out at my home for the weekend and helped me pull it all together. And if you are in the market for a party or an event, you absolutely must hire my sweet sis as her desserts are always divine. She made vegan cupcakes taste like heaven. No small feat!

And of course we had the stereotypical Presenting of the Cake to our Little. It took him a moment to get into it, and then it was all systems go. A cake? For me? That I can shove into my face without restraint? Done and done.

This was only to be followed by the very Berenstain Bear type meltdown of too much birthday party. So good nights were said, and we continued to party on without him.

Grey's Party-011 Grey's Party-041 Grey's Party-055

Thank you, Kristen, for capturing the First Cake moment so beautifully!

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  1. Kristen says

    Fun day celebrating your sweet little guy… Love him!

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